Dr. Ken Gibson

Hi I’m Dr. Ken Gibson, entrepreneur and founder of LearningRx, a franchise system with about 80 Brain Training Centers devoted to helping kids and adults experience the benefits of stronger cognitive performance. I was diagnosed with dyslexia myself, but overcame those challenges to become a doctor, researcher, and businessman. Motivated by my own painful learning struggles, I spent years researching cognitive skills and eventually co-created the brain training programs that are the foundation of LearningRx today. Today, we know more than we’ve ever known about what causes many learning and reading struggles. And one of the things we know is that weak cognitive skills are typically at the root of the problem. LearningRx programs target those weak skills—changing lives in the process.

Today, my passion remains helping children and adults of all ages develop the tools they need to reach their full potential. Thanks for visiting this site, and while you’re here I invite you to download one of my books at no cost to you, learn more about me, or subscribe to our monthly newsletter about the fascinating world of brain science.

Unlock The
Einstein Inside

According to Dr. Ken Gibson, every child has a bit of Einstein potential…if you know how to unlock it! How has the cutting-edge science of neuroplasticity impacted what we know about learning struggles? Learn how--at any age--you or your child can unlock their inner Einstein.


The Purpose
Directed Business

Are moral principles and success principles mutually exclusive? A successful entrepreneur discovers the keys to running a profitable business—without sacrificing personal values. The Purpose Directed Business, by Dr. Ken Gibson, is a must-read for anyone who has faced the challenges of integrating business and heart.


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