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What does LearningRx do? In a nutshell, it makes kids and adults measurably smarter using research-based programs that train the brain. The results we get are unmatched. Our students test higher in IQ--an average of 15 points higher--after completing our brain training programs. In fact—dollar for dollar—LearningRx brain training is 7 times more effective than tutoring.

Why is this? Tutoring focuses on reteaching information, but LearningRx's one-on-one brain training programs actually strengthen cognitive skills. IQ is made up of the collective “strength” of a person’s cognitive skills, which determine how quickly and accurately we receive and process information. That means brain training strengthens the skills necessary to succeed in school, on the job, in relationships, anywhere! And that’s for life.

LearningRx has more than 70 brain training centers across the country. Our centers are busy, right now, helping thousands of students, career adults, seniors, and accident victims get sharper memory skills, concentrate better, and think faster. Discover what brain training can do for you or someone you love!

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